Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Stop It! No More Celebrity Deaths!

Ed. Farrah. Jacko. Billy (not Willie).

Now Fred Travelena?!

Is my youth dying in front of my eyes?

Well, then again, Billy Mays wasn't part of my youth. Fair enough.

By the way, Michael Jackson is now a zombie. Thought you would appreciate that.

Yes, we're back from Virginia. I'd like to get back really...really soon (did I make that clear enough?). Great to be with Jon, Rebecca, Rose, and Lilah (Sean really hit it off with the kids) and my accommodations were delightfully comfy. It's a great city and area - and I can't stress that enough. Lots of reasons to want to return. More if and when I have the energy, along with lots of photos (not counting the 250 or so road shots).

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