Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday Night's Alright for Something

Another Saturday night at home. No complaints. Sean will be with me for the next two weekends and we have parties, Father's Day, baseball (more about that at another time), and Richmond, Virginia to tend to.

As for today...

We started with the Phighting Phreaky Phunky Phillies of the Carmel Sports Association Soft Toss Division. Sean might have had his best hit of the year. He's a work in progress but I don't mind if he's having fun (or phun). Here's the rub though. He has to move up to the instructional division next year and if he doesn't improve a little, I'm not sure how much fun he'll have. But we'll worry about that next year.

There are some kids on that team that I would love to coach for a long time. A couple are just really respectful, good kids with nice talent. The best ballplayers? Maybe and maybe not. But they are just a joy to coach.

We posed for pictures and called it day, and I was able to move on to my next stop - Cardinal Stadium in Greenwich for the annual Red and White spring football game. For what it's worth, the Red beat the White, 16-14, with a safety in first quarter serving as the difference. I saw things on the field I liked and saw other things that I didn't. Same can be said for the broadcast booth. We'll work out the kinks by September 16th.

David Josephson was my player of the game. A tackle in the end zone for a safety, other fine defensive plays, and two interceptions. Other notable performers were Peter Cavini, Evan Kavanagh, Jack Zimmerman, and Colin Dunster.

And one more thing. Without placing any pressure on him, I just think senior quarterback and quad-captain Mike Lefflbine is going to have a monster year. Just a hunch.

And still one more thing. Why is it that the denizens of Cardinal Stadium (and other stadiums) are so harsh to the help in the booth? The regular staff wasn't there today (except for us) but a fill-in took care of the scoreboard. Basically he was doing GHS a favor, but he got attacked for putting up the wrong score initially, and for issues with the time. He said he'd never do it again. I don't blame him.

Staying on that topic - and I love this - why do people think that we, or more specifically, I, am responsible for the scoreboard, the music choice, the music volume, the public address announcing, and the quality of food and merchandise choices, along with the play calling?

(OK, maybe not the food, goods, and plays)

When the scoreboard was not up to standards, people were looking, and SCREAMING, at me! Of course, I just laugh at them. Still, I can remember one parent in particular who called me out - by name - because there was music playing over the loud speaker as the band came in.


One more time, and repeat after me. I'm a broadcaster (Rob's a broadcaster). I have nothing to do with the scoreboard, PA, and music (Rob has nothing to do with the scoreboard, PA, and music). I don't even work for GHS (Rob doesn't even work for GHS).

Thanks. Don't we all feel better? will happen again on September 16th.

Now I move onto tomorrow. Jason Intrieri, Tim Parry, Sheryl Rosen and I will be grabbing breakfast at a Waffle House (probably in Allentown, PA) then taking in a Reading Phillies game. Have to admit, I'm pretty pumped. This will probably be the first of a lot of minor league baseball for me this summer. If the trip is a success, maybe we'll do it again (maybe Aberdeen or somewhere else later in the year?).

OK, I'll just say it. I'll be back with the Renegades again. Keep your browser locked here for the schedule and stories from the New York-Penn League.

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