Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hello From Richmond

After a long day, Sean and I settled into our friends house (you know, Jon from R-VA, USA) in Richmond, VA (hence the R-VA).

Sean was awesome for a little boy who has never made that kind of drive. He was awakened at 4:45 AM, in the car by five, and was largely patient the whole way.

For the record, we drove away at 5:06 AM and crossed the Richmond city limits at 12:15 PM. Now if you remove the stops and account for the time we sat in construction traffic south of Washington, I would say we made it in about six hours and thirty minutes.

Sean was so great that we made it all the way from Carmel to the first rest area in Maryland on Interstate 95. He watched a movie, ate Smarties (!) and sometimes talked to me. I was able to interest him in the same things that mesmerized me in the car - the Delaware Memorial Bridge, Baltimore tunnels, the city skylines of both Charm City and Washington (thought tough to see through the fog) and so on. He rarely lost his patience.

Around 12:14 PM he began a chant of "Are we there yet?" and I let it go, until I counted down...5...4...3...2...1...and said "yes" with an emphatic first pump as we drove past a sign that read "Richmond City Limits."

We went downtown and visited the gorgeous Main Street Station, a building that I always wanted to step inside anyway. While in there (I was prepared to waste some time as we arrived super early), Jon sent me a text telling us to come meet him at his job west of the city. So after a quick lunch of Hardee's (I want things on vacation that I can't get at home, so no freaking McDonald's!), we met up with him at the incredible CarMax headquarters.

By the way, there's a hiring freeze there. sigh...

We followed Jon home to his house where wife Rebecca and children Rose and Lilah joined the party, had a quick dinner at Moe's (woo hoo!) and let the kids play and get acquainted. Yep, they're now best friends.

By the way, I heard waaaay too much Michael Jackson music and talk to suit my taste. And it's only just begun.

I took about 100 road pics or so!

The Yankees won. Let's face it, they should, considering the Mets are the walking wounded.

I am writing from a comfy mattress situated in the dining room. Can't think of too many other places I'd rather be.

Yeah, it's hot. Not complaining though.

Seems like it's going to be a heck of a weekend with lots of promise!

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