Saturday, June 06, 2009

Alone On A Saturday Night

Earlier tonight, I posted one of my self-deprecating, snide Facebook updates. It said
Rob Adams is officially a loser. Beautiful day...nothing to money to do it with. So I'm watching the Yankees, and that's not going well either. Sigh.
I called myself a "loser" in the humorous sense. But a few friends showed some concern.

I'm not saying people shouldn't be concerned about me. Oh there have been some really dark moments. There have also been some sad moments. Everytime I say goodbye to Sean is sad. That's just the reality of my life. Best to say no more.

No pity needed - just stating the facts.

Anyway, in this case, I'm fine. I coached the Phillies this morning, went to the Greenwich Home Run Derby (congrats to the winners), had lunch there, stopped by the WGCH offices, ran to the Danbury Fair Mall to see if I could look into getting my iPod fixed (sure...if I wanted to wait almost two hours), and came back home. Then I watched the Yankees lose (I HATE using Mo in tie games), slept for a few minutes, and realized that I'd have another lonely night. So I wrote what I wrote on Facebook, dealt with the fallout (minimal), washed my car, talked to a neighbor, and came back in, where I'm now writing and watching the Penguins and Red Wings.

I also wrote the D-Day post here and listened to some of the fascinating audio.

All in a day, I guess.

Oh, and I'm eating dinner now.

I forgot to watch the Belmont. Jeez, I am a loser.

It's a joke. Kidding!

Seriously, this might have been the least intriguing Triple Crown season.

My buddy, Tommy Dee, does a great job running the Knicks Blog. Don't kid yourself, it's big time stuff. Here are his thoughts about AAU hoops.

I just mentioned a basketball blog. I better mention Chuck Costello's, lest he gets upset.

He likes the page clicks. Plus he's filling in for me this Monday on "The Press Box." I hope he also keeps June 26, 29, 30, July 3 and 24 open.

Just sayin'.

I don't have the time (and the talent) to make tomato sauce, but does anybody know of a jarred sauce that doesn't, you know, suck?

And doesn't cost a King's ransom?

I honestly don't remember this. A M*A*S*H* spinoff about Radar? Thank goodness I don't remember it.

Happy birthday, Tetris!

4-0 Red Wings, second period. Not much excitement here.

Oops. 5-0. *sigh*

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