Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Going to Baracklyn

For one night, Brooklyn had a new moniker.


I'll keep politics out of it, as I thought it was a fairly inspired piece of promotional work by the Brooklyn, sorry, Baracklyn Cyclones, who opposed the Hudson Valley McCains (not really).

Most of the Baracklyn stuff occurred during the pregame, beginning with a bobble head. No, I didn't get one - the media doesn't get swag unless we try, and I didn't have time to try thanks to the Van Wyck Expressway and the Belt Parkway. I got to the ballpark just past 6:00 PM; enough time to eat chicken (that's what I'm told it was) and get my lineup together. I wasn't happy with my prep, to be honest.

They had a Barack impersonator and other goodies. Well played, Cyclones.

The Gades lost, 7-3. They're now 0-2 with me behind the mic. Geoff and I continue to build our chemistry and it's getting pretty good.

Gotta run. I'm writing from Brewster Honda and my car is ready!

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