Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Some things to occupy your browser. Your enjoyment may vary.

Josh Hamilton is a great story for a baseball. He's also a former Renegade. Sean McMann links to a Guideposts story (with main offices here in Carmel, NY).

I did a terrible job with the NHL Draft. I knew it was coming up but, with the trip to Richmond approaching, didn't worry about it a whole lot. The Islanders had the first pick (and basically brought out the brass band). Sean Kilkelly breaks it all down.

I compared the Isles to another New York-based organization in an email to a friend. I will not do so here, out of respect. He said it was a low blow.

By the way, things are awfully quiet in Queens these days, no? I'm not gloating - it's the stupid Subway Series, not the World Series. The Yankees have to beat the Mets right now. It's otherwise inexcusable. Speaking of interleague play, the great Jim Kaat says it's time to put it away. Amen.

Kitty also praises the Great Mariano. 500 saves and clearly the greatest of all-time. No disrespect to anyone else.

PeteAbe also has some kind words for Mo.

By the way, I often get accused of wearing pinstriped-colored glasses. So be it, I'm comfortable with what I know and who I am, but if Darryl Strawberry honestly thinks his '86 Mets were better than the the '98 Yankees, then tell me why virtually every panel rates the '98 team in the top five teams ever? If not for some shoddy play by the Red Sox in game 6 of the '86 Series, the Mets are a memory and the Sox get their elusive ring. The Yankees needed so such moment in '98 en-route to 125 wins.

No link here. I just wanted to say that.

The Yankees are actually doing the right thing (!) in gathering opinions on improving the new Stadium. That's a start.

To finish, since no celebrities died today (to my knowledge), have some Michael Jackson junk.

No need to thank me.

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