Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Home Run Derby Time!

Greenwich High School's baseball team just finished their season at 10-11 with an 8-2 loss to Cheshire in the first round of the 2009 Class LL State Tournament.

Probably a disappointing end to the careers of their three fine captains - Ricky Riscica, Jeff DeVico, and Adam Fanchella - along with the other seniors on the '09 squad.

Of course they still have the team banquet to look forward to (yes, I'll be there) along with something new: a home run derby.

Teams have to raise money for ancillary items - new batting cages, scoreboards, potential trips (like Cooperstown, for instance) and so on (I'm just throwing things out here but hopefully you get the idea). Even in Greenwich, these things don't just magically show up.

I know you all think that but you're wrong. At the public school level, there are still struggles, and Greenwich has their regular working-class folks. OK, enough socioeconomic blabbering.

The point is, the team will hold a home run derby on Saturday, June 6th. Registration begins at 9:00 AM and it's only $20 to participate. Lunch is included for the participants.

As for me, I have to coach the Carmel Sports Association Soft Toss Phillies that morning, but am going to get down to the Big G around Noon. I don't think I have any official duties that day (but don't worry, Nancy Riscica won't hesitate to put me to work if I'm needed!!), so I'll be there to watch.

Next Monday is the annual GHS Football Golf Tournament and yep, I'll be lugging the Big Bertha out for another pathetic show (Bob Small, Tony Savino and Sean Kilkelly will be along to bail me out). At this point, I've earned a rep for being fun on the golf course, providing a frosty beverage, and for generally sucking. But I've got personality, and personality goes a long way!

Whilst I'm on this roll of high school meanderings, it appears that next Saturday (June 13th), at 2:00, the Red-White Game will take place at Cardinal Stadium. This, for those of you who don't know, is the spring football game. It's serious stuff but also fun. And several of the past years, the fun has been broadcast over radio station WGCH. It's looking quite possible that the same situation will exist.

I will let you know for sure when we know that we'll be carrying it (or if we won't). I will also let you know in the next few days about another broadcasting situation (or two) that has (or have) arisen. Not that it's going to make me any money but if you know me, then you know I want it (or them). Can't say anything now.

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