Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Some Linkage

First and foremost, please welcome back Mr. Tim Parry! The FCIAC Football Blog rides again! Tim had such big plans for his blog but it grew to the point where it might have been too much for one person. I'm happy to see him get back to basics. We'll see what I'll contribute to the blog and anything else.

This is just dumb - clearly where Deadspin is just wrong. Mike Breen is the best basketball broadcaster alive, but I guess the boys at Deadspin just want Gus Johnson.

Is Richard Brodsky a guy who wants to be like Chuck Schumer? A politician with a pulpit (that is, the media) and a little too much time on his hands, so he'll do frivolous subpoena-issuing, looking like a Mets fan who seems hell-bent on bringing down the Yankees.

Brady Anderson is defending Peter Angelos? I lost what little respect I had for Angelos in the way he handled the Cal Ripken streak (wouldn't use replacement players because of impact on the Streak, then droned on at the ceremony for the Streak).

Let me say that again: Brady Anderson is defending Peter Angelos? That sentence is just hysterical!

JD Wins the Foster Hewett Award! Brilliant! One of the best analysts that hockey has ever seen.

Sean Kilkelly also writes about the potential for Woodstock 2009 to take place in Central Park. OK, I guess, but can't we just go back to Yasgur's Farm? Oh, and spare me with the current acts. Most of them...well...suck anyway. Take Sean's advice and go find the originals who still have their wits about them.

We've already seen disastrous attempts in 1994 and 1999. They were both a joke. Let's get back to peace and love and Richie Havens. The Who are still around as well. Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young. You get the idea.

Nice peace about Jim Kaat - a brilliant pitcher who became an even better broadcaster. I'd like to see "Kitty" win the Ford Frick Award, baseball's equivalent of the Foster Hewitt Award.

If forced, I'll take Brian Billick over Matt Millen or Joe Theisman to replace Cris Collinsworth in the NFL Network booth. Otherwise, I'll listen with the sound down and that's a shame because I'll miss out on the good work of Bob Papa.

Charles Costello and I have been friends for about a decade now. His deadpan sense of humor never fails to get me (I'm gullable). He did it again today, if only for a moment.

Chuck will fill in for me next Monday on "The Press Box" when I'm playing shankapotamus on the golf course.

Go Penguins (if only so we can have a series)!

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