Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Wow - I'm on a roll lately.

Jeff Pearlman (Mahopac grad) wrote a mighty good post on his blog about fathers and the lack of respect we get. You can probably guess that this struck a serious nerve with me.

Woo Hoo! Eight million people watched Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals.

We don't do a lot about politics on this blog (I try to stay neutral and independent) but I found this list interesting. That is all. It is amazing the hand-wringing that goes on.

Just lower gas prices. Let's start there.

Listen up, LA. I actually heard somebody try to call you the best sports town in America. Um...no. Certainly not when you behave like this.

Give me New York. Boston. Phila. Chi-town. The 'Burgh.

Oh, and if your mayor had any marbles, there wouldn't be any dumb-ass parade. You don't deserve it until you figure out how to act. I hate those things anyway (and have never attended one).

Bryce Harper appears to be wicked talented. Great. So much so that he's not even going to graduate from high school, skepping his last two years. He's dropping out and will get his GED instead. Then he's going to Junior College.

Wow. Just wow.

And if this baseball thing doesn't work out, then what?

The Luis Castillo dropped pop fly has become the stuff of legend, of course. With that said, I have some videos for you.

1) This person was filming but stopped aiming at the field when A-Rod popped up.

2) This person caught some of the action.

3) Here's how it was called by Michael Kay, Gary Cohen, John Sterling, and Howie Rose. Nicely done by all.

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