Saturday, June 27, 2009

Dispatches From Richmond: Donuts!

Sure, Richmond has Krispy Kreme (woo hoo!) but only Richmond has Country Style Donuts.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch discusses them here. They're a few miles off either Interstate 95 or 64, on US Route 60 at 4300 Williamsburg Rd but they're worth the trip.

It's like a time warp. The building, the decor, the regulars - all from another time.

Sean and I will no doubt hit KK's before we leave Monday, but these donuts were really good and the atmosphere was unmatched.

The rest of the day was quite active yet leisurely. We walked across the pedestrian bridge (which is suspended from the Robert E Lee Bridge) to explore Belle Isle in downtown R-VA. The James River was so low today that we were able to walk out onto the rocks and put our feet in the water. We could have even brought our bathing suits and jumped in, as others were doing.

Then it was back to the stately 1927 house that we're staying in. It's so wonderful and comfortable, and Jon and Rebecca have done a great job of decorating. The kids were able to hit the slip and slide, and I...well...took a nap. On the floor. And it was nice.

We're off to a movie now at the legendary Byrd Theatre. Maybe some ice cream as well. All in the cool area known as Carytown.

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