Wednesday, February 27, 2008

We've Lost an Original

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Myron Cope has passed away at the age of 79. The longtime analyst on Steelers broadcasts had been in declining health for years.

To be blunt, Myron Cope was an awful broadcaster, at least technically. He had a voice that sounded like it had been drowned in cigarettes and whatever beverage of choice he was drinking. He rooted for the "Stillers" and denounced the opponent - openly on the air. He could drive veteran play-by-play voice, the late Jack Flemming (a stricter type of broadcaster) off the wall. His choice of language was nothing short of unique: "yoi", "Hmm-hah", "okel dokel", "feh." Chuck Noll was "Emporer Chaz." There was more - so much more. He was no idiot, though. He wrote brilliantly for years in Sports Illustrated and Saturday Evening Post.

He created the Terrible Towel.

And Pittsburgh loved him. And I (rigid broadcaster that I can be) found him hysterical.

Want a great Cope story? This is from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:
Once at halftime in Cleveland, Cope found his intermission routine interrupted by an occupied restroom on old Municipal Stadium's roof, which is where the radio booths were situated. His long-standing para-military ritual of urinate, get a hot dog, and get back to the action now jeopardized, he improvised. Without being too graphic, let's just say that anyone walking by Municipal Stadium near that portion of the roof in the ensuring minutes had to wonder from where that sudden shower had come.
A host of Myron Cope sounds are here. If you're not a Steelers fan, I don't expect you to get it. I'm not sure I can completely get it eithter, since Cope was so Pittsburgh, and I can't claim to be that.

He was that true one of a kind. A renaissance man. Someone who talked about much more than just "Stillers" fotball.

Pittsburgh, despite being giddy over adding Marian Hossa to gear up for a Stanley Cup run, is devastated by the news of Cope's passing. A quick listen to any 'Burgh station today will demonstrate that.

Hmm Hah and okel dokel. Almost a quadruple Yoi! And I just found this over on YouTube:

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