Thursday, February 14, 2008

Indy Rides Again, but Why?

I know, it's all about the money. But I was not in favor of "Rocky 5", or "Rocky Balboa", "The Godfather 3", and the new "Rambo" flick, among others. Sequals are dicey at best. The second Indiana Jones film ("IJ and the Temple of Doom") was dreadful, but at least they saved the franchise with "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" ("we named the dog 'Indiana'"). Personally, that one's of my favorite.

So why do this? Do Spielberg, Ford, and Lucas need the money? I can't imagine Shia LeBoeuf needs it either. So again, why? Probably because of the challenge. These are some of the best Hollywood types ever, and they believe that they have a story and cast that can't fail.

Maybe it just boils down to arrogance. Either way, I can't tell you for certain that I will see it in the theatre.

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