Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Memo to Yankees - GET OVER YOURSELVES!

Phil "The Franchise" Hughes has a blog, and it's good. Not because he reveals anything, or because he writes deep, probing thoughts. Honestly I haven't learned much about him, or Joba, or anybody else.

It's because he shows that he's human. His blog isn't 38pitches - the self-indulgent thoughts of Curt Schilling.

That being said, Theo Epstein has never told Schilling to stop. Converesely, the uber-uptight Yankees aren't thrilled with The Franchise's efforts.
Brian Cashman does not want players putting too much information out there, and Jason Zillo, director of media relations, said blogs could be banned for all players.
Come on - what do you think he's going to write? Do you think he's going to "Jim Bouton" them (Google it)? Besides, that's been done already.

He's writing some harmless notes about things like what's on his iPod, or what his new uniform number will be. He's not revealing scouting reports or locker room info.

Anytime players try to be fan-friendly, it's good, and in this day, it's really good.

This is where the Yankees look bad. Let it go.

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