Friday, February 01, 2008

Giants Parade Tuesday!

I love when things like this start. The Giants and the city of New York have planned a victory parade for Tuesday morning at 11:00. It will go through the usual idiotic canyon of heroes blah blah blah...

Two things jumped into my brain when I heard about this, the most obvious being - don't the Giants have to, you know, WIN the Super Bowl? And aren't they a roughly 12-point underdog? OK, just checking.

The other thing - and the one more pressing to me - is when did the Giants move back to New York? Last I recalled, the G-men played in New Jersey, and when they won Super Bowls XXI and XV, their party was held at Giants Stadium (the other one didn't take place because we were just into the first Gulf War). Their wouldn't be a New York parade because they weren't welcome, and the running gag was that they would throw a parade in Moonachie (that's a New Jersey township).

I've often said that these parades are bogus and stupid. Prior to roughly 1961 or so, parades were not thrown for sports champions - they just won and went home. How novel.

Oh, since I announced it on WGCH this morning (you know, because we're required to do such things), allow me to tell you the all-important, earth shaking Super Bowl prediction! I will spare you the breakdown, except to say the Giants must be opportunistic, and make some things happen on special teams. If you see Lawrence Tynes (he's the kicker, gang) for anything other than extra points, it will be a long day. I'm hoping that Giants can keep it close into the fourth quarter, but then the Pats will pull away. Unfortunately.

Patriots 38, Giants 20.

Now before you Giants fans with nothing better to do start going off on me, allow me to give you a little history. I've been on the radio since 1990, which means the Giants have played in the Super Bowl twice with me on the air to make predictions. I'm 0 for 2 - having picked the Bills in Super Bowl XV, and the Giants in Super Bowl XXXV. Plus I've picked against Big Blue in the previous playoff games - and I'm not jumping on the bandwagon now!

May the best team win, may Tom Petty rock at halftime, and may the beer be cold!


Rudy said...

Guess now he's 0 - 3 on his predictions. LOL. What a loser.

Rob Adams said...

I'm the...ahem...loser. I would rather have been wrong about this though, which is why I picked with my head instead of my heart.

Thanks for stopping by!