Thursday, February 21, 2008

Tickets for The End Game Are Gone

The Yankees (and the crooks at Ticketmaster) put a limited number of tickets onsale yesterday for the final game (regular season version) The House (please don't ask "who's house?"). The Daily News reports that all tickets are now gone for the September 21st matinee against the Orioles.
The last regular season game at Yankee Stadium is sold out. Fans scooped up a few thousand tickets online in just 11 minutes Wednesday.
I decided to take a look at buying tickets (ya know, just for giggles) when my cell phone rang. It was my cousin, Kris, and I had a strange feeling I knew what he was about to tell me - that tickets were going on sale and to ask if I was going to try.


He told me to keep September 21st open and that I would finally sit in one of the two places I've never sat - the bleachers (a luxury suite is the other, and there's some bitterness there, but that conversation is for another time).

So the short answer is that I will be in attendance for the final game at The Stadium. I will bring my own supply of tissues as I probably couldn't afford the ones they'll no doubt sell that day with interlocking NY's on them.

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