Friday, February 29, 2008

New Scare for Bobby Murcer

I popped on WFAN this morning to see what was going on the world of sports as I prepped for my reports. Sadly, I heard that Bobby Murcer, the longtime Yankee player and broadcaster (and my favorite athlete ever), is facing some new challenges.

Many outlets have reported the news (just Google his name today and you'll see what I mean). Yet the best reporter, to me, is Bobby's own wife, Kay, who sent an email to many of their friends, including a few writers, such as Bill Madden from the Daily News:
hello dears...
guess it's been too long since we've sent any new messages about our crazy, jam-packed life... and I've always said that "no news is good news", however, that's why I'm getting this to you today. Bobby's MRI Tuesday showed an area that the docs are concerned about, and he is scheduled for a brain biopsy at MDA this coming Monday . . . Please pray that it will be determined to be necrosis (scar tissue from the radiation), and not another cancerous tumor. It's one of the two.
we've had to make many travel changes, but still hope to be in Tampa for spring training games by the 7th, then to NYC for opening day on the 31st. Life comes with a few bitter pills to swallow, and we are trying to digest this latest bit of information with God's grace as our strength.
many of you know that our dear friend, Dr. Sam Hassenbusch, lost his battle with this insideous disease last Monday . . . He was such a good man, and taught us much about how best to handle adversity while inspiring everyone on his path along the way. We have been blessed with the Hassenbusch family's encouragement this last year.
Just know that we are dealing with this the only way we know how... with God, family, friends, prayers. It's a bump in the road, and we care so much that each of you are staying with us as the journey continues.
lots of xoxoxoxo, k & bobby
As I said to Tony Savino during our weekely Friday chat, who - honestly - can say they don't like Bobby Murcer? I know there are legions of Yankees-haters, but those who could dislike this man might need to be checked out. You might be heartless.

I've read Bob Raissmann for as long as he's been at the News, and I've long had problems with him. Today he wrote perhaps the single best piece that he's ever written. Well done, Bob.

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