Thursday, February 07, 2008

And Even MORE Radio News

All Access just emailed the following in a "Special Bulletin":
PD TRACY CLOHERTY is out at CBS Alternative WXRK (92.3 K-ROCK)/NEW YORK

After just over 7 months as PD at WXRK/NEW YORK, TRACY CLOHERTY is out. This comes on a day of major change at CBS RADIO, with cuts in several clusters across the country.
OK, now in layman's terms. A "PD" is the Program Director; the one who is responsible for what you hear on the air. Cloherty was supposed to bring an edge to K-Rock, as she was a programming wiz over at Hot 97. Yet with "budget cutting" being the reason, what is not being said is that K-Rock is a toal disaster. And it only got worse with 101.9 RXP jumping into the New York rock scene. While I was very unimpressed with RXP's first hour, I'm hearing some promise in their mix of music - a decidedly better selection than K-Rock's.

Let me bottom line this news for you - K-Rock is on the verge of being finished again. The most likely scenario is for country to make it's return to the New York airwaves. My suggestion for those of you who are devastated at the possible demise of K-Rock's mix of suicidal tunes and other drivel? Switch over to The Peak or RXP before it's too late. Or buy an iPod. Or satellite radio.

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