Sunday, February 03, 2008

Couple o' High School Sports Notes

As I've mentioned before, WGCH has a contractual agreement to carry Fairfield University basketball. It's a necessary evil in this day - much for the same reasons that WCBS (880 AM) - an otherwise news station - carries Yankees broadcasts, or more so, why WABC (770 - a talk station) carries things like Seton Hall basketball. It's a business decision.

Unfortunately, these decisions mean that high school sports get the short end. I have thoughts on things like this - including if more sponsors/families/fans stand up and scream, more games would get on the air. I'm not a salesman; I'm a broadcasters and somewhat of a public relations guy. The thought of trying to be a salesman makes me ill.

I do, however, think we could utilize the internet far more. That's something that I think the schools/booster clubs/and individuals can do, and if I ever get some freakin' money again, I will do. It's not a money making idea for me (ala Sporting News CT - which is their right, and it should be), it's a chance to make my passion for broadcasting into a whole new enterprise. But enough about that...for now.

On Friday, Greenwich hosted Trinity Catholic in basketball. When I saw the schedule, I knew that I wanted to call that game, but couldn't because of our commitment to Fairfield (and trust me when I say we can NOT have any conflicts with Fairfield - one word - Naples - and I can't say anything more). Now trust me when I say that the past Greenwich-Trinity matchups haven't been great (save for the epic one-point TCHS win in 2002, when Dave McClure hit at the buzzer - INSANITY!), but I felt this game had some buzz.

My broadcast partner, Dave Chiappeta, made a last-ditch effort to have us call the game on the internet, but those efforts came up empty. So as Friday night came, I found myself working late at the home office of BTR (that's the Business Talk Radio Network). I had given thought of stopping by to watch some of the game, because I just had a feeling, yet thought Trinity would win. Well...

...Greenwich 56, Trinity 55. Clay Graham tapped home the winner with seven seconds to play. Congrats to the Cards.

Fortunately, we have Greenwich hosting St. Joe's (another top-ranked team) this Tuesday night at Greenwich High School. Dave, Nick Angotto, and I (with the nearly-legendary Sean Kilkelly in the studio) will join you at 6:50 pm.

On another front, we called a tough loss in hockey as Brunswick fell to Pingree yesterday, 5-3. During that game, we were told that Greenwich goalie Johnny Rogers was out with a bad case of mononucleosis, and wouldn't play against Darien. We reported it, feeling our info was pretty good. Then we awoke this morning to the news that Rogers DID play, as Greenwich beat an excellent Darien team, 3-0.

Damn - always get TWO sources, kids! Our bad.


Sean G. Kilkelly said...

Of course, there is only one true legend!

Rob Adams said...

Well you're damn close, my friend!