Monday, February 18, 2008

Some Guy's Top 20 Beers

I'll be blunt here. I like beer. I like it in the same way that one likes wine. I like to try different ones and rate them. I've been to tasting parties. I've hosted tasting parties. I know someone who has a running list of the number of beers they've tried (and frankly, I've forgotten then number, but I think it's over 500 at this point).

With that said, somebody decided to provide us with a full list of the best beers, in their opinion. I don't know who the person is, but the list is with comments is here.

In short, here's his list:
20. Budweiser
19. Iron City
18. Amstel Light
17. Red Stripe
16. Smithwicks
15. Foster’s
14. Victory
13. Corona
12. Ommegang
11. Chimay
10. Stella Artois
9. Paulaner
8. Newcastle
7. Samuel Adams
6. Rogue
5. Sam Smith’s
4. Yuengling
3. Guinness
2. Sierra Nevada
1. Westvleteren

OK, my take. My favorites are Smithwicks, Iron City, and Yeungling (the Black and Tan). I like Stella a great deal as well. Guinness is fine, but I find that one can't sip a Guinness (that's what I discovered when I had my first one in Covent Garden, London). Frankly, I don't think I could put Bud on any top beer list, but that's just me. I guarantee you that if someone in Belgium was doing the same list, they'd laugh hysterically at the thought of Stella Artois as a top beer.

As usual, take this list with however many grains of salt you need.

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Mick said...

The problem here is the list has too many general brands and no specific brands - like Sam Adams (com'on now 21 brands). Yuengling B&T like you mentioned. Just seems like some lame attempt by this guy.