Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sox Trophy Comes to Westchester

The mayor of Larchmont, NY - almost in the shadow of da Bronx (home of the 26-time World Champions) had the World Series trophy come to town.

That would be the trophy of the world champion Boston Red Sox.

Me thinks I wouldn't be so thrilled if they had strolled the trophy into Mahopac Junior High School. I have a feeling I'd react almost like this man:
"I was aggravated when I heard it," said David Dileo of White Plains, a Yankees fan who didn't deign to come see the trophy and wasn't thrilled with (Mayor Liz) Feld over the trophy's visit.
Then again, to the victor goes the spoils, so whatever. But still, could you imagine taking a Yankees trophy to, say, Brookline?

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