Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I've Got Nothing

I should probably post something, just so that those of you who have been so loyal here at "the double five" get your fix.

Jesus, did I just write that? Is there anybody out there who needs a fix of me? It's not like this is one of those top-rate blogs - like Deadspin, or Sean's, or Tim's. It's just little ol' me. I often feel that my amusement of you (am I a clown?) is like watching a car wreck. You just can't look away.

Yikes. I digress. Anyway, I'm not feeling quite myself today (don't know whom I quite feel like though) but it's been a few days, so here I am.

And while there's plenty to write about, I've got nothing. But I'm giving it the ol' college try.

Exactly what is the ol' college try, by the way?

Here's something - props to Mr. Nicholas Angotto, my intrepid cohort on WGCH. Nick went to the FCIAC boys basketball opening round playoff game between Greenwich and New Canaan and took notes, kept score, and even produced interviews and a stat sheet for his Sports Director/Sports Anchor to report about the game that Monday. Oh, and he bought a recorder with cash out of his own pocket.

That, friends, is either insanity or something. He really wants to work in this crazy industry, and is willing to do basically whatever he needs to do to make it happen. I applaud his tenacity, because I don't see a lot of it anymore. Nick's in college now, and works as well, so it's not as if he has a lot of down time, yet he shows up for every broadcast, and does extra things like going to the playoff game.

Matt Hamilton, Ron Warzoha, Zach Fisher, Amanda Romaniello, John Collins, and Nick are just a few of the names who have come through 'GCH as interns with me, and they've all given a solid effort. Kudos to Nick for going the extra mile, and for the solid attitude that he brings. Plus he knows how to give and take with all of us "pros."

Now he's a pro. We just have to get him paid.

I saw the new logo for Citi Field (also known as the new home of the New York Brooklyn Dodgers...oops...I mean the Mets, who don't acknowledge that their legacy also includes the Giants and that dreaded Bronx team). Many folks are already mocking it - including one who says it looks like the Dominos Pizza logo.

Whatever. I can't get hung up on a logo for a ballpark for a team that I can't worry about. Sometimes picking on the Mets can be too easy and too lame.

In fact, the same can be said about picking on the Yankees, but it goes on anyway.

Please be so kind as to turn your radio to 1490 AM (that's WGCH) or WGCH.com for the broadcast of the FCIAC boys basketball semifinal tonight, as Greenwich takes on Trinity Catholic. We should be on the air around 7:30. The winner plays in the championship on Friday. Hope to call that one also (if Greenwich is in it, of course).

Naturally I feel like we should broadcast every game, and we should be the radio home for every FCIAC championship, but that's just not reality. I'm sure Matt Levine feels the same way as well - maybe he and I should team up and just be done with it. This way the guys who have called more FCIAC games than anyone I can think of would be where they belong - at the mic. Sean Kilkelly, at the very least, should be our studio host, and the aforementioned Nick Angotto should roam the sidelines. Tim Parry can blog it and be another voice.

A guy can dream, right?

Yeah, I'm little disoriented. I'm going to get lunch now.

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