Sunday, November 10, 2019

Under 55 to Go

I avoid most memes, but OK. I chuckled at the thought of this one.
Or Chico the cat made me do it.
This is the 314th post of 2019, and I've failed.

John Nash -- co-conspirator and creator of Project 365 (© 2018-2019 John Nash) -- texted me a few days ago and said I should write something as we hit 55 days left in the year.

However, Alexa tells me there are 52 days left as of tonight.

I let the week get away from me.

So, we're here.

I'm still enjoying this, to a certain extent. I especially enjoy it when the energy and the topic are gelling. I don't enjoy it when the day gets late and I'm holding my eyes open to write (such as last night).

I said something that mattered to me last night, but it didn't have even a sense of eloquence to it. It was a jumble of thoughts.

But I stand by those thoughts. Learn grace and be thankful for opportunities, and those around you, before it's too late.

The clock is ticking.

I can't win. It's just been a bad season for game conflicts and missed opportunities. Brunswick has advanced to a bowl game again. I've got Ridgefield/Greenwich on WGCH.

Both are big games, but I'm committed to be at Cardinal Stadium.

I've never really talked about it, but I called last year's bowl appearance for the Bruins, and I wasn't happy with it. I have my reasons, and I've never quite completely shaken how I felt in the days after it was over.

I've just tried to move on.

But it's nice to know that Brunswick wanted me on the call (and I'm thrilled), as they do on nearly every game unless I'm  -- how can say this -- outbid.

Perhaps you know what that means.

I'm just one voice.

So while we missed the T-minus 55th post and counting (and I have no intention of stopping necessarily), I also missed surpassing 1300 broadcasts yesterday.

Phillips Exeter and Loomis Chaffee in water polo is the answer to the trivia question. No celebration was necessary.

To be honest, it's not a big deal. I realize we talked about it when I hit 1000, but it honestly isn't that big.

Mike Hirn and many others get upwards of 200 (and beyond) games per year. I'm jealous of them.

I dig through myriad opportunities to get around 120-130 per year.

There were awful years where I had only 21 or 24 games. It was basically Greenwich football and a couple of hockey or basketball games.

To be honest, it's just not acceptable, as I've said so many times. Sports fans deserve so much better than that.

Heck, that's why I wanted to create HAN Radio (and it's various other names) in the first place.

It's the very reason that Robcasting exists.

We should be doing more. Schools shouldn't be having games that air without a voice. More to the point, these games deserve professionalism, but I digress.

Sadly, after the great week of 14 games, there are currently only two games scheduled, and both are Greenwich football: Nov 16 vs. Ridgefield and Nov 28 at Staples. There is, of course, the hope of playoff games, and I've heard the GYFL is interested in something with me and their youth football games, so we'll see.

Then it will be onto winter sports.

I'm not big on memes. Oh yeah, I see a few that I laugh at. No question about that.

I was resisting the urge on the "table cat" one that has been bouncing around lately.

But it occurred to me while thinking about the Pittsburgh Steelers today. The Steelers grabbed a hard-fought victory at home today against the LA Rams.

The Steelers were 1-4 at one point and left for dead. Its rabid fan base, of which I am a member, was calling for the head of head coach Mike Tomlin.

Three of the four losses have been close, but honestly, that doesn't matter. What does matter is Pittsburgh has won four in a row.

So it was that I thought of crazy Steelers Nation losing their (our) marbles...and Tomlin, in the guise of the "table cat," sitting there and saying they're now 5-4.

Low-hanging fruit, I suppose.

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