Sunday, November 03, 2019

I'm Tired

North Rockland and Mahopac before the Class AA girls soccer final
I want to tell you about today.

About how I left all of me in the booth at Arlington High School today.

You see, I never thought of myself as much of a soccer broadcaster, and I still don't.

I still remember the first broadcast. I was terrified. I knew that soccer fans are tough on broadcasters. I wouldn't be Ian Darke or Arlo White.

At first, I wouldn't even be better than Gus Johnson (what was FOX thinking?).

I was so afraid -- so reverential and respectful of soccer fans -- that I more or less did a modified play-by-play and sports talk show.

That night, Marty Hersam got an email eviscerating me for profusely sucking. I don't remember the exact words. Marty called me and discussed it.

Full disclosure: I told Marty I was nervous about that call and he backed my approach.

After that email, which he completely disagreed with, I said "screw it" and became myself again.

So while I might not have every nuance down, I continue to improve and continue to get asked to call soccer.

Like four games today.

Two more tomorrow.

Two more Tuesday.

And the FCIAC boys championship on Thursday (for the second year in a row).

If I was really that bad, I wouldn't get asked.

Further, if I can survive a four-game set like today then I might just be a soccer broadcaster.

Four baseball games? Tough, yes, but no big deal for me. Been there. Done that. Still have T-shirts.

Today was four Section 1 girls soccer title matches.

Leffell School-Haldane
Somers-Pear River
Mahopac-North Rockland

Oh, wait a minute. Did you see Mahopac listed?

Doesn't that mean I should then be a homer?

No. Not at all. If anything, it meant I knew my stuff about Pac and supplemented it with knowledge of North Rockland.

In other words, I tried to be a professional.

I could edit and upload each game and get you the game-winning goal from North Rockland that simply blew my mind.

Not exactly something a homer does, right?


I digress.

It was an 11-hour day from beginning to end, with approximately eight hours of play-by-play. Solo.

With great camerawork and support from Kevin Devaney Jr.

I could get that audio online.

But, again, I'm tired.

Maybe I'm a soccer announcer after all.

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