Wednesday, November 06, 2019

No, You Haven't

The view from behind the microphone before the conference

I was the moderator of a pretty amazing conference today for Hunt Scanlon Media.

It was called "Next-Gen Leaders: Advancing Women to the C-Suite."

In short, it was about getting women the opportunities they richly deserve in what is known as "The C-Suite," which means CEO's, CFO's and other top-level acronyms.

The speeches from both males and females (but mostly women) were powerful and inspiring. It was an honor to be a key part of the day.

There were thought-provoking questions and topics throughout, and it's amazing how far we still have to go for equality.

Now, I'm of the belief that the best person should always get the job, and that was a theme of the day, with one presenter saying that they had no interest in a position if it was just because that company "needed a woman" at the top level of management.

The best person should get the job. Gender, race, etc be damned.

There was a lot of power in that room.

A powerful statement was made earlier this week. A friend climbed deep into the darkness to talk about shortcomings.

They bled like I've never seen before.

They think they've failed.

No. They absolutely have not.

I've watched their circumstances and heard each of the stories. I've witnessed some myself.

I've seen the failures of people surrounding them.

You'd be hard-pressed to find a better person.

I couldn't admire them more. The words spoken were that of bravery.

They were stories that only someone with guts would tell.

If anything, they haven't failed. They're a role model.

It's not someone's fault because of something they wore or drank or even said.

"No" means no. Unwanted advances are just that: unwanted.

I simply can't understand the mindset of the man who thinks they can force themselves.

Or the sickness of varying forms of contact.

"No" means no.

I mean, for a guy, is "no" an aphrodisiac? Seriously: how dumb can you be? Do you really want to be with someone who doesn't want to be with you?

I can answer for myself, and the answer is a firm "no."

Oh no. You haven't failed at all.

You've elevated yourself to a whole new level. You're flying higher than ever.

Now, go lead by example.

These are the words I've wanted to speak for two nights, but felt it wasn't my story to tell.

People have failed you.

But you haven't failed.

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