Friday, June 01, 2012


Good morning, and welcome to the month of June, presented by Progressive, Aflac, Geico, Mayhem, and the guy who once played Pedro Cerrano (I don't know what insurance companies have to do with this, but they seem to sponsor everything).

May was a pretty good month, at least here on the blog.  Not that I use that as a barometer for my life, but I noticed that the output was, er, minimal in April, for instance.  That might have something to do with A) being really busy and B) being in a fog for the entire month.  Seriously.  I mean, only 13 measly posts?

May seemed more productive.  Almost like I was happier.  But, at the same time, also because I found stretches of time in which I could write.

What makes me happy is to know there are some people who absolutely encourage me to keep doing this.  I've often-lamented the lack of comments, which just makes me wonder who the audience is - if there's any audience at all.  But I know who the loyal ones are (and know that I've picked up new ones).

So five months into 2012, I find myself refreshed and ready for month number six.

May really was something.  I was busy every single weekend, beginning with going to Cooperstown for an adventure I won't soon forget.  After that came a weekend in the metro-Philadelphia area, followed by Florida, and ending with the Erway nuptials in New Jersey.  I also worked.  Then I worked.  Then I worked some more.  Then I worked on Memorial Day (my choice).

I worked in Greenwich.  I worked in Mahopac.  I worked at Lisa's.  I worked in stores between Amenia and Pound Ridge, NY.

All good though.

I have to rant - if only for a moment.  Like I said, I worked on Memorial Day, which was my choice.  But what is up with places not being closed on federal holidays?  If that gasbag Chuck Schumer and his cronies in office want to do something legit and good for the country, how about mandating that Home Depot can't have their greasy paws open on days like that (or at least putting a limit on it)?  Yes, I know that people get to make money - blah blah blah - but...really?  IT'S A NATIONAL HOLIDAY!  Treat it as such.  Those brave soldiers who gave their lives aren't in the great beyond saying, "Oh good!  Target is open.  I need mouthwash!"  There's such a thing as "essential personnel", and yes, the media needs to be "on call" but the mall should probably sit this one out.

(OK, rant over)

I feel like June is a fresh start.  May was the transition month (or the transient month, based on my travel schedule).  Now the work begins.  There's still a lot ahead for this year.  Breakfast and Baseball 5 is coming up (though I'm struggling with Jason Intrieri not being able to make it - it's like breaking up the Wolfpack, or allowing holograms to bring artists "back to life").  The Renegades season begins.  Later in the year, a camping trip might be in the works, along with Cape Cod and San Francisco.    Oh, the places we'll go!

Somewhere along the line, I'll try to get some sleep.  Apparently I don't rest enough, to go along with other bad habits like my diet.  But I also want to find time to ride my bike so that I don't feel so out of shape and have 17 year-old interns taking shots at my weight (really?  I mean - mother-effing REALLY?).

And golf.  And I'd like to suck at softball again.  Bowling.  So much to do!

And yet...just sitting at home, typing away (or reading), sipping a beverage on the deck and enjoying a warm night sounds so nice.

All of this includes Sean.  Oh, and Father's Day is in June too. 

This.  Is.  Overwhelming.

OK June.  Let's go.  Bring it on.

It will be July before we know it anyway.

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