Thursday, June 21, 2012

This Kid is Done With Fourth Grade

Sean made a Superman shield at Toys R Us in Danbury last Saturday, and was proud to show his work.
It can't be, right?  Why just yesterday he was starting kindergarten.

Nope - that was September, 2007.

Fourth grade ends today.  Summer vacation begins.  We have Cape Cod and camping to look forward to.  Who knows what else?  Hopefully lots of bike riding!

With temps in the high 90's, I might not be jumping on the bicycle today.  Maybe bowling.  Yeah, that sounds a lot cooler.

As a result of Jack Curry (VP of Sales and Marketing) for True Power Sports Performance, I am proudly trying a negative ion bracelet.  Hey - why not?  Jack was on "The Clubhouse" last night, along with members of Mark Jeffers' class from Manhattanville College.  Jack was kind enough to give me a bracelet to try.

And yes, that's TWO DIFFERENT Jack Curry's that I have spoken to in the last few weeks.  Jack Curry from YES was on "The Press Box" recently.  This Jack Curry will be on "The Press Box" as well.

Well, time to go outside.  It's only, what, 97 or so?

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