Saturday, June 23, 2012

More Bobby Murcer Items

Off of the wonderful interview with Kay Murcer, I became Facebook friends with Bobby Murcer's niece, DeDe Murcer Moffett, who has performed the Star Spangled Banner at Yankee Stadium.  DeDe sent me a quick hello on Facebook, and I was pleased to send her the link to the interview with Kay.  DeDe's website is here.

While moving around the web today, I discovered that Oklahoma Christian University built and dedicated the Bobby Murcer Indoor Athletic Facility on their campus, which has received support from the Yankees.  More on the facility, including a note from Kay Murcer, is here.

There is also a wonderful video embedded on the page.  Allow yourself about 20 minutes to watch it.

Bobby Murcer Memorial Highlight Film from Andrew Patterson on Vimeo.

I really wish there was more video of him as a player, or even as a broadcaster, but I'll always remember this great promo that YES ran.

Incidentally, there is a Bobby Murcer statue - in Oklahoma City.  I still wish the Yankees would do more for a man who brought dignity and pride to that uniform number one that he wore for the prime years of his career.

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