Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Great Scully Congratulates a Fellow Broadcaster

Hockey Hall of Fame broadcaster Bob Miller has been the voice of the Los Angeles Kings since 1973.  Of course, he had never called a championship, only seeing the Kings visit the Cup Finals once, in 1993.

Now, as the TV "voice", Miller did not actually call the Stanley Cup Finals, as local broadcasters get moved out of the way in favor of the national guys (and, of course, how can one argue with Doc Emrick on the call?).  But the Kings had the smarts to have Miller do a call of Game 6 live (and will produce a DVD or some commemorative item), so that fans can hear their beloved broadcaster describe the magic moment of winning the Stanley Cup for the first time since they joined the NHL in 1967.

Miller visited 710 ESPN Radio in LA, when another famous broadcaster, one who has called a few titles in his life, called in to say hello.

Vin Scully wanted to congratulate his friend, Bob Miller.

That's pure royalty there.  Pardon the pun.

By the way, I've often wondered what the Dodgers would do if they make the World Series.  Scully is much too modest, but if Vin Scully is NOT on a Dodgers World Series broadcast, then something is very wrong.

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