Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Quicky Radio Notes and Some Linky Dinks

I'm proud to say that I was interviewed on the "Louis Live" show on Israel Sports Radio a few hours ago.  I'm not sure if they will podcast it, or preserve it in anyway, but I thought it was fun and insightful.

I love being interviewed (despite how much I don't like questions!) but hey I love covering sports.  It was my pleasure.

Speaking of radio, I'll be with you (well, sort of ) tonight on "The Clubhouse" from GlenArbor Golf Club in Bedford Hills, NY.  Never forget that this is Brian Crowell (of GlenArbor) and Mark Jeffers' show, but I serve my nifty role as producer, engineer, third wheel and Sports Director of WGCH just fine and dandy.  It airs live tonight at 7:00, and we podcast it at the WGCH website.

As an opener to "Linky Dinks", here's a sad post from Ken McMillan.  Sad, only because the Renegades - my Gades - aren't on the radio anymore.  Yes, it's not uncommon for teams to be online, but I always enjoyed being able to put the game on the "wireless" to check in when I wasn't calling a game.  Life moves on.

Plus I miss calling baseball.  Miss it terribly.

News to me...CC Sabathia is going on the DL (Chad Jennings, LoHud Yankees Blog).

Also, I like that the Yankees do their HOPE Week, and it is so nice to see players grabbing the spirit of doing good in the community.  But...I sometimes wish it wasn't so public.  The Yankees' work after 9/11 was done very much under the radar (which George Steinbrenner was a big fan of - he didn't like that kind of publicity).  The Mets, conversely, were very out in the open.  Neither is wrong,  but there's something nice about doing things without the credit.  Still, kudos to the team for such great work.

Chad Jennings has the details of a terrible job by umpire Mike DiMuro, and a sufficient acting job by DeWayne Wise, along with other notes from last night's Bombers win.  None of this has convinced me that this team can win a World Series.

Last note from Chad.  Sunday is Old Timers' Day at the Stadium.  I'm most likely not going as I'm probably heading for some camping in the Catskills, not too far from Kaaterskill Falls with the lovely Lisa and friends, but Chad has the list of attendees for the annually gathering in The Bronx.  Of course, my new "friend" Kay Murcer will be there. 

Chris Berman and Trent Dilfer.  Together.  Calling an NFL game.  Budding broadcasters (and our ears) everywhere weep. (Sports Media Journal)

Not long ago I talked about my enjoyable night at Tropicana Field.  According to Deadspin, it appears that a stray bullet pierced The Trop recently.

Ten years ago this week I was in Wyoming for the marriage of my former brother-in-law to his lovely Gretchen.  Ten years later, they're living in Washington state and have two beautiful children (Eleanor and George).  Both kids have strong resemblances to Michael's family, and I see a lot of Sean's mom in Eleanor who - gasp! - turned FIVE last week).  I guess, with the divorce, I'm not really their family anymore (one of the saddest byproducts of relationships ending), but I still read Gretchen's blog that she updates.  Her writing is fun and witty, and the pictures are cute.  It's a great way to stay in touch with family 3000 miles away.  Recently, Gretchen sped right on by post number 1000.  Congratulations to them, and here's to thousands more!

Love him or not (you know how I feel), I'm pretty confident that sports talk would not have succeeded without one Mr. John Donald Imus (in the morning).  Jeff Smulyan, founder of WFAN (celebrating 25 years) tells Ed Sherman, "I can’t minimize his impact."

Jeff Pearlman is seeing what I see.  This song is everywhere.  There are countless parodies out there!

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