Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Kay Murcer Interview

Last night on "The Press Box", Kay Murcer joined us (Ryan DeMaria, Chris Erway, and yours truly) for the first half-hour of the show.  She was gracious, funny, charming, and so much more.  It was beyond a thrill to talk to the wife of my boyhood idol - a man who I've discussed countless times on this blog.

I've received some kind words for the interview but, of course, being the tough critic that I am, I found myself wondering if I was a little too much of a fanboy, and too little of a professional broadcaster and interviewer.  I hope - if anything - that I struck the proper balance.  This was meant to be lighthearted and fun, because, honestly, we weren't discussing quantum physics.

There is no doubt in my mind that if we wanted to keep Kay for the entire hour, she would have agreed to stay (and we wanted her to stay, but not overstep things).  It seemed to be fun for her, and I know it was for us.  Believe me, I had lots more that I could have gladly discussed with her ("Skoal Dippin' Man", broadcasting, Mickey Mantle, particular games, and on and on).

Her husband inspired me in many ways.  She is equally inspiring.

Countless thanks goes to Marty Appel, who set the interview up for us.

It was a joy for all of us, and I have uploaded the Kay Murcer interview to my Archive.org page.  The whole show will eventually hit "The Press Box" archive page on WGCH.com.  You can also listen to it right here.

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