Saturday, June 09, 2012

Two Old "Press Box" Shows

I'm just playing a little catch-up on this Saturday morning.

It seems things are slow on "The Press Box" archive page, so being the enterprising old fool that I am, I posted two shows on my page at

1) Long overdue to post here is the fun show we did with Mick McGowan and Tom Oderwald (who celebrates a birthday today!).  It was so much fun that we took things down the block for a post-show dinner.

2) I promised the people that I met at Chris and Genna Erway's wedding that I would give them some "shout outs" on the show.  This is that show, along with visits from Pat Pickens and Paul Silverfarb.  My "man card" came into question on this show, but if it is Chris Kaelin doing the questioning, then I'll live.  I'll be just fine.

Listen and enjoy.  We return Monday night with Mike Bocchino, George Zaccagnini and possibly Fred Camillo to discuss the dedication of Strazza Field in Greenwich.  Of course we'll be all over things going on in sports (such as Mets/Yankees...and I'm feeling a little differently today). 

Next Monday (6/18), join us for (perhaps) one of the most special interviews I have ever done as Bobby Murcer's widow, Kay Murcer, joins us on the show.

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