Sunday, June 03, 2012

Strange Conversations

From the Adams household this morning:

Mom: (reading the Daily News) "John Franco of the Mets is going to be inducted into the Mets hall of fame tonight at Citi Field. (Holds up the paper) "Do you want it?"

Me: (amazed that she would even ask) "I wouldn't wipe my ass with that."

Mom: (horrified) "Sean, did you hear what your father just said?  Hope you don't repeat that."

Sean: (equally amazed, first to his grandmother) "Yes I know" (then to me, emphatically) "Thank you!"

Just because I congratulated Johan Santana, I otherwise really don't concern myself with the other team (who is the better team in New York right now).  That doesn't mean I'm a phony bandwagon-jumper either.

By the way, are the Stanley Cup Finals being played?  Seems nobody other than, say, Pat Pickens cares about the series (I was busy last night and didn't watch).

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