Thursday, June 14, 2012

Field Day at Gayhead Elementary School

That's Sean in the red shirt.
I try - hard - to make anything and everything for Sean.  I've always enjoyed being in the role of involved dad.

Plus, if you didn't know, I really don't like being a "weekend" or "part-time" father.  Detest it.  But it is what it is (and some time with Sean is better than none.  Again, it is what it is.)

So when I have the chance to be at Sean's school for field day, I take it.  No questions asked.

I helped run their home run derby!  I mean, it's like the gods smiled!  Coaching the kids on their swing, laughing with them, goofing with them.  Such fun!

The time went by too fast for my taste, but I had a chance to work with each kid (including Sean), and we made our way back into the gym for some downtime.
And then?  Dancing!

Soon after I saw parents beginning to leave and knew that my cue had come to exit.  Yet there came a surprise.  After saying goodbye to Sean, I began to walk out, and waved to the kids.  One called out my name to wave to me.  Then another.  And soon, kids were running over to high five me.  They would have all made it had one of the teachers not stopped them (spoil sport).  I'm sure I had very little impact on their day.  But they gave me the nicest gift I could imagine.  One that had me smiling all the way back to my car.

In my car, later that day, I had this installed.  Yes, I've joined the world of satellite radio (note the band playing).
I get it.  I'm blessed.  I lose sight of that sometimes when I wallow in the mire.  But still, the smiles and laughter of children (most notably, my own) is so awesome.  And yes, I guess some of it comes from that eternally goofy child in me, who is willing to put a Captain America mask on at Wal Mart just for the sake of a laugh.
Yes, I know.  Horrifying.  Painful.  Terrifying.

But that's just me.

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