Saturday, June 09, 2012

A Few Linky Dinks

 Haven't linked up in a while, so here are a couple for you:

From Jeff Pearlman comes a link to a crazy harsh review of Nickelback.  I concur - quite strongly.  I'd probably rather have "Jack and Diane" on repeat than ever listen to Nickelback.

Hmmm.  Let me think about that one.  Could be a toss up.

Of course, I seem to meet women who either went and saw JC OverplayedCamp, or just like "Springsteen Lite's" music.  Seriously, what is up with that?

But they might also like Lana Del Rey.  And that's not so bad.

Side note: seriously, what was the big deal about LDR on "Saturday Night Live?"  I know I'm late to the party, but after hearing the album (several times - not complaining), I watched her performance of "Video Games" and it was a little uneven, but not the disaster it was made out to be.

Another side note: I made an attempt at getting last-minute tickets to see the aforementioned Lana Del Rey last night in New York (but alas, they were long gone).  When I mentioned it to the birthday girl in question, she was less than thrilled over possibly going to a sporting event.  As such, the TAMPA BAY Rays are now the LANA DEL Reys!

I'm digressing.

There's no question - NONE - that when I get around to discussing the most seriously overplayed songs ever, the little ditty that is "Jack and Diane" will be on the list.  Along with "Stairway", "Hotel California", and a few others.  That list might be too long to count.

From Sean Patrick Bowley comes the official word on the 2012 football schedule!  Yes - I can finally sort of figure out what my fall is going to look like.  That is, assuming I have games to call in 2012 (which means we need sponsors, good people of Greenwich!).  The Cardinals currently have nine games on the docket, but you don't have to be a genius to figure out what game number ten will be (just look at last year's schedule, friends).

PS, congrats to the Greenwich lacrosse team on their state title!  (Thanks to David Fierro at the Greenwich Time)

The canal area of Richmond is absolutely wonderful; a true highlight of a visit to R-VA.  Jon (he of R-VA) posted a "before and after" look at the canal.  Hard to believe people actually disputed doing this.

I'm feeling the need for R-VA.  Love me some Richmond (and Waffle House, and Aunt Sarah's Pancake House, and Krispy Kreme, and Rebecca's home cooking, and a Flying Squirrels game, and...)

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