Thursday, May 31, 2012

What Should Be Made of This?

Photo: Bob Luckey / Greenwich Time
My friend Alyce posted something on Facebook tonight and, as a reporter and broadcaster of high school athletics, I feel it is my duty to pass it on to you.

Bob Luckey of the Hearst Connecticut Media Group, which includes the Greenwich Time, was shooting photographs at the Greenwich/Darien FCIAC girls lacrosse final.  He caught Darien coach Lisa Lindley grabbing goalie Caylee Waters forcefully during a timeout.  The question, of course, is: is this inappropriate?  The comments on the post indicate outrage of a few varieties.  Some are bashing Lindley, some are supporting her, and others are attacking the media for "shoddy" reporting.

My issue is that the picture is only an image.  It looks bad, but I can't definitively tell the intent.  Is there video of this? 

Well, it seems that Darien isn't very happy about what happened, because Paresh Jha reports tonight that Lindley has not been at practice all week and is now on administrative leave.

So what should the punishment be, if any?  Coaches are supposed to be leaders.  Role models.  Part of what prepares athletes to go out into the world or onto college.  A physical confrontation like this cannot be tolerated.  Does that mean Lindley should be fired?  Oh no - I'm not saying that.  At that point, I want to know more about Lindley.  What is her track record?  How is her reputation?  What do her former players, colleagues, and opponents say about her?  Is this an isolated incident?  We need more answers.

I'm not going to pass judgement.  I've never met her.

But it doesn't look good.  That is for sure.

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