Saturday, June 09, 2012

One More Old "Press Box" Show

"The Press Box" archives are now back up to date, but they only go back a month, and there are certain shows that I want to retain for posterity (or something like that).  This is one of them - from May 21st.

That would be the day I returned from Florida (which many of you have chided me for - lovingly, of course).  Some of you don't want to hear about it on the air.  Others want less of it on the blog.  Again, half kidding and all.

But I wanted to give lots of shout outs to the good people who I spent time with in the Sunshine State.  We also spoke with Marty Appel on this edition of the show, in which Mr. Appel began setting up the upcoming interview with Kay Murcer.

Of course, we spoke with Marty about Pinstripe Empire.  Go get it today!

So there.  And here's the link.

(Oh, and Ryan DeMaria was also in Florida that same weekend, and lost his voice.  Yep.)

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