Monday, June 18, 2012

Just an Average Monday

It's June 18th, 2012.  We lost Clarence Clemons a year ago today.  Moment of silence for The Big Man.

Wait.  This is Clarence we're talking about.  Silence won't do.  Music will.  From Live in New York City, here's Badlands.  The sax solo is short, but so powerful.  Very cool, as always.

Thank you.

People born on this day include Lou Brock (wow, he's 73!), my cousin (and budding triathlete) Kris Adams (who was great in yesterday's duathlon in Carmel), and Roger Ebert.

Oh yeah, and James Paul McCartney.  Macca is 70, and we all feel a little bit older.

So we must have a song, right?  Say what you want about his career as a solo artist, the guy could write a great melodies, and could also rock ("Jet" is a great song).  He also wrote the best Bond song ("Live and Let Die").  But for a pure ballad, this is a pretty good one.

And June 18th, 2012 will include a very special interview tonight on "The Press Box."  Kay Murcer, the wife of my boyhood hero Bobby Murcer, will visit us on the phone at 7:05.  There are few interviews that have made me more - what's the word? - anxious.  I'm not sure I'm nervous, but I'm anxious.

So tune in!

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