Thursday, March 10, 2011

Would Everyone Calm Down?

Those who care about hockey are all talking about Zdeno Chara's hit on Max Pacioretty of the Canadiens.  Now anyone who knows a lick about hockey knows the B's and Habs aren't the best of buddies.  Yankees-Red Sox?  Maybe not, but it's not far off.  They really dislike each other.

Given Chara's bruising style of play, you can understand that, of course, Canadiens' fans are just livid.

It's enough that the two stooges on "Pardon the Interruption" actually debated it.  HOLY COW!  They actually know hockey exists?  Is THIS what it takes?

The Boston Globe also has some reaction via their Bruins Blog.

Pacioretty isn't pleased, of course (via USA Today).

If you haven't seen the play, here it is.  Jack Edwards and Andy Brickley have the call on NESN.

The match penalty was a gross overreaction.  The NHL thought that was enough of a penalty for what was, in reality, INTERFERENCE.  But because Pacioretty was injured, an uproar has begun.  Now the Montreal Police Department, which apparently has nothing better to do, has gotten involved.  Or more notably,  Quebec’s director of criminal and penal prosecutions, Louis Dionne, asked police to get involved.  What a stooge.

Last I checked, hockey is a physical game.  You want something less strenuous?  Go play shuffleboard or something else.  Maybe golf (as much as I love golf).

Where's Don Cherry when we need him?

This is what it takes to get people talking hockey.  Sadly.

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