Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saturday Linky Dinks

The Mets released Luis Castillo (Deadspin).  Pity, that.  Seems like a nice guy and not a bad player.  Yet he'll always be remembered (fondly by some of us) for one thing...

It's a gift that keeps on giving.  And I never get tired of this one...PUT IT IN THE BOOKS!

Best to stop here.  Feeling very snarky today, and I could seriously cause trouble.  Nope.  Stopping.

Huge congratulations too the Greenwich High School bowling team!  They took second the in the states (Greenwich Time).

To Vintage Richmond we go where Jon has pictures of crews removing pavement on Mounument Ave. in 1974.  You might not care, and that's fine, but trust me when I say that Monument Ave. is one of this country's great stretches of streets.  Just gorgeous.  The cobblestones help add to the charm (even if your car rumbles along on them).

I love this.  Via Deadspin, Legos reenact four classic March Madness moments (and thankfully, no Gus Johnson).

Two Jeff Pearlman links to finish up...
1) He goes rip city on the Garden for raising Knicks ticket prices 49% (via Sports Illustrated).  Yeah yeah yeah, MSG will say it's due to the renovations.  That's true, I suppose.  Rangers tickets are also shooting up.  So thanks for that.
2) Jeff has decied that he will no longer go to his favorite pizza place, because the proprietor was a rude ass.  The problem is, now I'm curious to try the pizza (I mean, 16th and Third?  I'm down there a lot!).

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