Tuesday, March 08, 2011

September 11 Police Footage

It's haunting. No question about it. Nearly 10 years after the attacks of September 11, 2001, a video has come to YouTube that was taken on a New York City Police Helicopter.

The Daily News, and others, have more on why this video has come out now.

I've always been of the belief that I want to see it all.  That's just me.  Jeff Pearlman kind of sums up my feelings.  Like him, I'm riveted.  Unlike him, Sean and I have already discussed September 11th.  He has a vague idea what happened.  He watched a documentary with me.  He seems largely unfazed by it, with no lingering fears.  At the same time, he gets how sad it was, obviously.

I think I said this just recently...ten years.  Wow.  Ten...long...years.  For the most part, New York seems immune.  Life goes on.  Yet on occasion, I find myself walking around Union Square - where so many loved ones came to hang pictures, pray, cry, and hope - and I think about it.  I often glance to lower Manhattan while crossing the Brooklyn Bridge (or on the subway while crossing the Manhattan Bridge) and think about it.  One can't drive the West Side Highway without thinking of it in some way.  So in short, life goes on, but it's always there.

The sounds.  The sirens.  The screams.  The fear.  The images.  The echoes.  They shouldn't be forgotten.

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