Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday's Linky Dinks

Onions!  With a kiss.
We start, in no particular order, with thoughts from John Maffei, writing for the North County Times.  It's not so much everything else in the article - nice stuff about Ted Leitner, and of course the great Dick Enberg, but it's his commentary about the Tournament.  Or most of all, this silly comment:
There were three buzzer-beaters in the early going Thursday -- Butler over Old Dominion, Morehead State over Louisville and Temple over Penn State. But with Bill Raftery calling the Morehead State-Louisville game, I couldn't watch it. For me, he's not Brent Musburger, but he's close. As long as I have another option, I'll avoid Raftery. Had to switch off the BYU-Wofford game, too, because Raftery was working it.
I suppose we can add him to rash of "pro-Gus."  Yet, while watching one of last night's games, Carrie told me that I could turn the sound up (we were at her place).  "That's OK", I said, I don't like the announcer.  Yep, it was Screamin Gus.  Ugh.

The rule around here?  NEVER PICK ON RAFT.  Minutres after Raft and Vern Lundquist began their first call last Thursday, I texted my former "Press Box" co-host Ryan DeMaria with some "ONIONS!"

That means I must - MUST - SEND IT IN JEROME!

Staying in college hoops for a moment, I sent my friend Jon from RVa a note the other day, concerned with his excitment that VCU was in the Big Dance (I'm sure I'm supposed to put a trademark symbol here or something).  Jon, not the biggest sports fan (though a solid baseball guy) said he is excited for his alma mater.  To that end, he posted a classic shot of the then-Richmond Professional Institute (RPI) Rams in 1966.

Back to broadcasters: the greatest of them all has a website.  I did not know this, although it is very basic.  There is a nice collection of links.

By the way, 10 days to first pitch.  Ten long days.

I feel old (and am getting older).  Ferris Bueller is 49 years-old today (Stuck in the 80's).

Thanks to Carrie for sending me a link to an article from the New York Times about the creation of the street grid that we all know in New York City.  Interesting reading.

From Jeff Pearlman, via the Wall Street Journal, an article about the most unloved Met ever (no - not Oliver Perez or our good friend Luis Castillo).  Doug Sisk was a relief pitcher for the Mets in the 80's.  He was not only abused at the ballpark but as the article discussed, he had his car attacked, and he was followed one night.

Really?  And this is supposed to help me NOT hate the Mets and their fans with every fiber of my soul?  Some of that stuff makes Philly fans seem civil.


Started writing more...I'll stop.  I just don't get liking the Mets (especially if you like the Yankees).  I'll leave it at that, or else I'll be "snarky" again.

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