Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Today's Edition of Obnoxious Sportswriting

TJ Simers is a columnist for the LA Times.  He apparently writes very caustic things.  For reasons known only to himself, he chose to pick a fight with Marcus Thames, the former Yankee who is now with Donnie Baseball in LA.  Jeff Pearlman picks things up from here.

I suggest Googling TJ Simers to see what other hack jobs this hack has done.  Of course, head to this link, and our buddy TJ will regale you with his thoughts on bloggers ("That's some guy in his basement who has never interviewed an athlete").  Guess what?  I HAVE interviewed athletes!  I've written columns - yes, real and published.

Oh, but then again, I'm also a broadcaster and - WORSE - I've hosted sports talk shows.

Yep, more proof I'm going straight to hell. 

I'm sure Simers will be there waiting.

You know what, TJ?  Find some bigger fish to pick on.  Leave Marcus Thames alone.

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