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Wednesday's Linky Dinks

Photo - Me, 8/23/2009
I'm quite the Linky Dinks guy lately, aren't I?

I am not a Pitt football "fan" (because a fanatic knows his stuff and I honestly don't right now) but I still like them.  I might rethink that after reading this from Jeff Benedict and Armen Keteyian via Sports Illustrated.  I would still probably choose college hoops over the NBA but let's not fool ourselves - the players are hardly Boy Scouts.

An interesting new exhibit is ready to roll in April at the National Baseball Hall of Fame.  Given my love of history, I'd like to see it.  Boy, am I overdue for a visit.  I haven't been to the Hall since 2004.

Two items from Adam Prince's "Sure, Why Not" blog.  Adam would like to know what we "roadies" think is the "Route 66" of the East.  He offers several suggestions - US 1, US 301, US 29, Dixie Highway and Ocean Highway.  For me (and yes, my comment is registered), I would choose US 301.  While US 1 might seem like the obvious choice, US 301 roars approximately 1100 miles (it should be noted, less than half of US 66) and really doesn't hit the metro areas that US 1 does.  I think there's probably more charm to US 301 than US 1.

In reality, US 301 played a big role on our annual trips to Florida.  In our era as the total family unit (five of us stuffed into a Chevy Impala), 301 was the best way to get from Santee, South Carolina to Ocala, Florida on our way to Tarpon Springs.  Interstate 95 wasn't done yet, so it was 301 for us.  In the later years, (minus my brother and occasionally without my sister), we still needed 301 in Florida - from Baldwin to Ocala (which could be 88 miles of pure torture).

So yes, it's US 301 for me.

Otto Yamamoto (he of the East Coast Hive Mind - not sure I can explain) also contributed to "Sure, Why Not" with his thoughts on some recent trips into New York City.  The good Comrade (again, don't ask) walked around, viewing some of NYC's bridges and more.

I'm continuing to leave the Mets on the "toxic topic" list as I try to figure out how to handle writing about them.  Honestly, I don't pity them (or their fans) but I can't just dump on them...yet.  It's just too easy.  Here's something from Deadspin that isn't all that happy.  So instead I'll give you something better - Jeff Pearlman's article in the Wall Street Journal about their media relations maven Jay Horwitz.

I recently posted WNEW's choices of Fusion 45's top three Rolling Stones songs.  Today, they've gone to a guilty pleasure - Foreigner.  I don't quarrel with their choice of "Feels Like The First Time", which recently exploded into my head for its lyrics.  "Hot Blooded?"  OK, I can see that.  But "I Want to Know What Love Is?"  Take that over "Cold as Ice" or "Juke Box Hero" or "Urgent" or, hell, ANYTHING ELSE?  Wow.  Simply put.  Wow.

Oh, and Mark Teixeira split from Scott Boras (Peter Botte - Blogging the Bombers).  For whatever that is worth.  I know he's good at his job, but I still think Scott Boras is the most evil man in baseball.

Speaking of negotiations and such, news flash to Emperor Goodell and the NFL: Fix.  This.  Now.

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