Thursday, March 03, 2011

Happy Hour for Parkinson's Disease

My friend and former colleague, Lisa Picc (the Cookie Momma!) lost her grandfather to Parkinson's Disease three years ago today.  Lisa, who has a wonderfully charitable heart, has teamed up with Chris Bro, host of "Next (A New Music Show)" on 107.1 The Peak, for a special event.  They are hosting a happy hour on April 12 from 7-10 PM at Enhanced Home in Port Chester, NY to raise money to fight Parkinson's.  Lisa and Chris are working on getting some great prizes to raffle off.  There will be drinks, music, food - the works!

For those who don't know, The Peak is part of the Pamal group of radio stations, which includes WLNA/WGHQ/WBNR (three AM stations).  That was the the cluster that carried my Mount Saint Mary College basketball broadcasts, and still carries the Renegades baseball games.

These happy hours have been going on for some time now, and they're fascinating in that all that is asked is that people bring a mix CD to give away.  The idea being that everyone walks out with a CD of some music, and maybe you hear something new.  It's a pretty cool idea.

Yet this happy hour will be special.  I'm hoping to attend if things go right for me, and I hope more of my friends will do the same (YES, THAT'S A HINT!). 

Chri Bro's Next Music Blog has all of the details.

I hope this event is monstrous for Lisa, Chris, and everyone involved.  May they raise a lot of money to help beat a terrible disease.

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cbro said...

Thanks for the post. Hope to see you at the event.