Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Sheryl Crow Start to the Day

I haven't really listened to Sheryl Crow in a while.  I loved - Loved - LOVED her album, The Globe Sessions, but she hasn't really come close to matching that 1998 CD.  I'm going to download her latest, 100 Miles From Memphis, and see if it's any good.

From The Globe Sessions, here's a favorite...

I'm also working on downloading Robert Plant and the Band of Joy.  I had been resisting the urge, but colleague and friend Sean Kilkelly keep posting great songs from them.  So I caved.

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Georgia Road Geek said...

Sheryl Crow ROCKS!!!

"My Favorite Mistake" was, by far, the sexiest song she ever did... not to mention how sexy she was in that video. :)

Thanks for sharing.