Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Richmond - Basketball Mecca!

Photo by RA - June, 2009.
Don't blink, but two - TWO - schools from the great Richmond, Virginia have advanced to the NCAA's Sweet Sixteen.  The University of Richmond meets top-seeded Kansas while Virginia Commonwealth University tangles with Florida State.  If both teams can pull off the wins (granted it's somewhat unlikely), they'll meet in the Elite Eight, with a trip to Houston and the Final Four on the line.

It's a great story, and's Dana O'Neil picks it up from here.

Little side note - I visited VCU in 1992 with the outside thought of attending.  Ultimately, I had a chance to attend East Carolina, but declined (just felt I didn't want to get involved with student loans and such).  I went back and stayed in a VCU dorm under a year later with my friend Jon (yes, this Jon, who comes to us with pictures of the Downtown Expressway being built in 1975).  I even attended classes with him for a day!

To me, Richmond is, of course, more than a "sleepy Southern city", as O'Neil writes.  It's two hours from Washington.  It's a short drive to the beaches, mountains, and more.  I'm sure most of you who read this blog know how I feel about "R-Va."  It's got great food.  Great shopping.  History.  Outdoor activities.  And great people and southern charm.

It's a great place and, right now, it's a city with two teams in the Big Dance.

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