Thursday, March 17, 2011

What Were They Thinking?

This might be the end of the world as we I feel fine?
A couple of friends of mine posted something on Facebook - an email that was intended for their daughter (thankfully they intercepted it).  It said things about the end of the world coming soon and going to Hell and so on.  It angered my friends.  In fact, it infuriated them.  I feel the same.

Exactly what do the parents of the child who sent this email out think they're doing?  Do they REALLY believe that the end of days is upon us?  Do they honestly think it's right to send this to a young child?  Or anyone for that matter?  When confronted about it, the parent simply said "my apologies."  You know they don't even think they're slightly wrong.

I actually wrote this three days ago, but given how people react to such topics, I've debated whether I would actually post this or not. But I'm also doing this with the blessing of my frineds.  In fact, I scaled it back and edited it several times.  I've also toned it down. 

It's that same internal battle about writing that I often wage.  Jeff Pearlman seems to be feeling some of these same thing.

Let's just leave this topic at this: there is a time and a place for religion.  Trying to have your child influence another child is blatantly wrong.  I'm very low-key when it comes to religion.  I don't answer the question in my Facebook profile.  I don't put religious-related items on Facebook, or in emails.  I simply don't believe in wallpapering my world with it.

As a parent, I would be really angry if Sean received this.  Best to let it go at that.

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Tony V said...

Religion -- something to live. Don't talk about it, don't tout it, don't force it on anyone.

My respect and attention span immediately dwindles to zero when anyone starts talking about their religion.