Monday, March 21, 2011

I'm Guessing Mario Lemeiux Has No Comment Now...

This AP picture came from a site called "India Times."  Who knew they loved hockey in India?  You learn something new ever day...

If you saw this yesterday, as Carrie and I both did live, then you know the story.  Matt Cooke delivered a cheap shot (another in a long line), this time on the Rangers' Ryan McDonagh.

Now the NHL has a problem on its hands.  They have to suspend Cooke - and hey, if you want to reenter the whole "Zdeno Chara" debate, have at it...and waste your time.  The simple fact is Chara is a hard-nosed, physical player, who has no prior "record."  Cooke is regarded - everywhere - as a dirty player.  Beyond a goon.  I wish the League luck with this decision.

What it really points out, though, is what a hypocrite Mario Lemeiux is.  He was furious at the League for its handling of blows to the head, but he employs a player that I've seen described as "chicken excremement" and "a scumbag."  Now how does he react?  Scott Burnside on ESPN is wondering the same thing.

Credit to Pens' coach Dan Bylsma, transcribed from the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review by Frank D on PensBlog, for being a stand-up guy:
"I don't think you can talk about eliminating headshots as an organization and not expect that to be examined," coach Dan Bylsma said. "It looks to be contact right to the head. The league will look at that at treat it as such."
I'll go back to what I've said all along.  Hockey is a physical game.  However there is a difference between physical and deadly - or dirty. 

By the way, and this should please a friend of mine: I've just about had enough of Pierre McGuire.  Nice guy, and he does do a nice job of breaking down the game, especially with his "Inside the Glass" commentary.  But holy cow, can the guy, get, um, tougher?  He wants the red line removed, wants more skilled play (or...sigh...European style), and generally disregards fighting.  He's part of the call in the video above, along with NBC's A-plus team of Doc Emrick and Ed Olczyk.  Then again, guys like McGuire can inspire drinking games (along with Jack Edwards Bingo - both are in this link).

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