Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Tommy Henrich (1913-2009)

The Yankees family is a little less clutch today. Tommy Henrich, nicknamed "Old Reliable" for his penchant for heroics, passed away today in Dayton, OH. Tommy was among the last surviving players (and perhaps the last one) to have played on the same team as Lou Gehrig. As such he was the oldest living Yankee.

Henrich is third from left in that picture above. Those are the 1938 Yankees starters. To the right of Henrich are three Hall of Famers - names of DiMaggio, Gehrig, and Dickey. A scary good team for sure.

To compare Tommy to players in latter generations, you might want to look at Bobby Murcer, or maybe Paul O'Neill. Henrich was a five-time All-Star, and a solid player, but never a superstar. He was among the more popular Yankees of his era.

His career stats are here.

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