Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Small list of Linky Dinks

Joe Posnanski comes at us with an interesting thought. The basis of his post is to defend Tim Raines for the Hall of Fame (rightfully so), but in the process, he points out some really fascinating facts from Bill James - particularly that Roy White - ROY WHITE - might have been a better player than Jim Rice!

I can hear the chowda exploding all over Bahston now! (by the way, that's "chowder" and "Boston").

Now all of this stuff is too sabermetric-driven for me, but again...Roy White!? I love it!

(Aside to Tim Parry...there are punch lines here, no?)

Via Tim and the Danbury News-Times, I found out that Hat City is taking another stab at hockey. Yes, this will be the fourth try. Let's hope they stay.

I've got to get ready for GHS Hockey, as the Cardinals take on West Haven tonight at the Dorothy Hamill Rink. Game time is 8:00 - listen live on WGCH.

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